Monday, January 3, 2022

Moving On the Next Thing


Yep that's me, in my last job, but I have moved on from that after nearly 45 years. To be transparent, I did not start out, or spend all of my time in HR.  I started out in warehousing and transportation.  To this day I have maintained a CDL. It was in 1989 that I moved into personnel. (That's what we used to call it.)  I got involved  with a group call American Society for Personnel Administration. Then ASPA turned in to SHRM and Personnel to into Human Resources a.k.a. HR.
Along the way I have done some other things on a part-time and/or voluntary level (an active volunteer with SHRM, Refereed Youth/High School Hockey, sat on several NFP Boards, as well as did weekend broadcast news), so I haven't shuddered myself in the company, I tried to stay current with what others in HR were doing.  Granted by today's standards I have stayed about two and a half life-times but that portion of my life has come to an end and it's is on to the next thing.

What is the next thing?  It is not going to be strictly retirement for me.  I am not going to be a go to the coffee shop every morning or go to the bar every afternoon kind of guy.  In moving on my next segment of life is going to involve a lot more bike riding and exercise.  I actually enjoy that.  I am also going to be spending a lot of time with Sophia, my first grandchild.  She just arrived in the middle of last month.  I am going to see a number of long-term friends, when I travel.  I am going to take the time to visit with them and see what their life is like, as most of them have moved-on as well.  I also plan to blog a bit now and then.  I spent a lot of time creating content for blogs from 2010 to about 2016 and then it kind of faded away, as if I had said all I have to say. But now I feel like trying it again, at least for a while.

There is one more thing I am going to try now, and that is to do some work in the HR Consulting Arena.  Dave Ryan/HR Consultant...  unsure about that, but it sounds curious.  Let's see how that works out in reality.  One of my best friends Donna Rogers, has kindly offered to let me work with and learn  from her about this aspect of HR.  Donna's firm is Roger's HR Consulting.  

I had always admired the folks who did this, because you not only have to do the work, you have to hustle and go get it, and then complete the job on-time and under budget.   Can you do that?   I don't know if I can.

This is where I am going to store my blog posts.  I am not going back to Word Press, Google is free and much simpler to use,  I intend to cross post them my LinkedIn profile as well.

So, I will be doing some work with Donna and some biking and blogging along with some travel thrown in the mix.  We'll see how I do Moving on to the next thing.

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