Saturday, January 8, 2022

Blogger Service Awards


Now that I have retired from full time employment, I have have been reflecting on things. Daily I get on my computer and look at a multitude of sites. You know the drill, weather, some right-wing news, some left-wing news, some HR stuff, Facebook, LinkedIn maybe Instagram and financial stuff and then onto some blog posts.

Ah yes, blog posts, and social media sites. This is where I kill a lot of time and learn a lot. I know I am somewhat behind the curve as so many of the cool kids have moved on from blogging to podcasts.  Me, I am still impressed by those people that can and do write. This seems to be a dying art.  For example, a recent text message I received

r u k w/me sendin u files today

I am not going to break this down, but I guarantee that text is enough to make any high school English teacher pull their hair out. Sadly, I have seen a lot of “business communication” that looked very similar.

Back to blog posts, there are many of them I read routinely, others now and then but last week something struck me about a few bloggers who are seeming ageless and continue to do this. I started paying attention to blogging and social media somewhere in around 2008. I am not even sure about the year but there four bloggers, that I have followed, who are still out there getting it and I wanted to call commend them for their longevity, in a world where people stay in jobs for 18 months and move on.

Suzanne Lucas
a.k.a. “The Evil HR Lady”.    Suzanne has been on the scene since 2006.  When she started blogging, she did it anonymously because it was so “dangerous” to be out front and out spoken, you could get fired.  Then at some point Suzanne came out of the closet and revealed herself to the world. She has taken the “Evil” franchise to new places. Her content is current and spot on. I contacted her for this post and thanked her for her years of service. Check her out!

Another blogger that is still killing it is Allison Green. Her blog site is “Ask A Manager”.  Allison to is a long-term blogger and covers HR A-Z. I have seen here posted all over the place, as well as hear her comment on national broadcasts. One day I was driving and heard NPR go to her as a subject matter expert on workplace issues. I thought hmm, I picked a smart blogger to follow if NPR is going to her as a subject matter expert on workplace issues. Allison has been doing this since 2007.

A third long-time blogger is Laurie Ruettimann. Today Laurie has expanded her horizons, she too is a blogger, speaker, author, podcaster and self-proclaimed “bad ass”.   The national press seeks her out routinely to opine on matters. Laurie came on the scene in 2004 with her first blog called Hard Core Punk Rock. I still enjoy her content and it is always relevant and spot on. Put her on your list of people to follow.

Lastly in my salute to veteran bloggers, I need to call out one more person. While he has been a blogger as well and created probably thousands of post Steve Boese is another social media leader and HR Expert that y’all should be following.  I figured out a long time ago Steve had a lot to say and it was all good stuff.  Steve has been on the scene pre 2009. Steve also deserves another honor. While he has been a blogger he is like the George Washington of podcasters. Steve started a live internet radio show called the HR Happy Hour in 2009. This has been and still is leading edge content with some of the best and the brightest in the HR business. Steve and Trish work hard on this show and put a great deal of thought and preparation into.

My full-time career in HR is done, and these dedicated folks, Suzanne, Allison, Laurie and Steve, have helped shape my thoughts and practices.  I am grateful to them for years of content that they have prepared and shared. I don’t have a good way to say thanks.  Consider this blog post my tribute to them.

There are no associations or organization that bloggers or podcasters join that recognizes them for their years of service. Nonetheless, these folks have helped to shape HR and business today and for the last 18 years.  Perhaps I should become the founder of the Bloggers, Podcasters and Social Media Content Producers Association, the SMCPA if you will, then I could award them certificates,  service pins and watches like they truly deserve.

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