Tuesday, February 22, 2022

You're Gay You're Evil

 I live in an area that is a little less than cosmopolitan.   Don’t mistake this, I like where I live, but trends that hit the coast in a bi-costal rage, are usually slow to arrive in Springfield, IL. There’s Chicago 200 miles to the north and Indianapolis 200 miles to the east if you want to feel a little more urban. Along with those trends, we also have some mindsets here in the middle of the country that have not yet caught up with our more urban brethren.  

Not so long ago, I was part of a conversation, where someone stated that they wished we could “go back” to the way things used be.  While I am not sure of the exact time for which the speaker was making reference to; some where late in the last century, so let’s say 1985.  The reason stated for wanting to “go back” was because things were better then. Another person spoke up and said something to the effect that things may have been better for you, but you think that would be better for everyone?  The speaker continued and said do you think that gay people would agree that things were better back then?  The original speaker fumbled and hummed and hawed around with no response.

This got me to ponder, has life has gotten better for gay folks? Honestly I think so.  The change is largely thanks to our more enlighten young folks millennials and gen Z and younger.  By and large, they don’t care about anyone’s sexual orientation. They have taught some of us older folks that it’s ok to like, to friend and to hire gay people. There is no longer the stigma that being gay was not ok.  But then wait; right in my own back yard, 30 mile to the east this occurs (link to Decatur Hearld article inserted below).

When I first heard about this on local television news I thought that can't be true. And as I was looking around on the web this morning I saw a related story on CBS News. I thought we were past this, but obviously I am wrong.  What is wrong with people like Mr. Dickerson?  How do we keep from hiring people like him? How can society function when we have people who think this is ok? We so normalized behavior like this, it just doesn't seem shocking anymore.

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Iphone Chargers - SHRM & Golf Outings


These are trying times we are living in, no doubt.  I understand how organizations are having to pivot to make ends meet and that many of us are caught in that conundrum. We can’t continue doing what we have done for a long time, because it’s not working  anymore. I am talking about Covid19 affecting staffing and attendance, truncated menus at restaurants, airlines not serving liquor, Zoom sales calls;  you get it the examples are boundless and everywhere.

Well, the other day I got a new IPhone 13 and I saw yet another example of what is bothering me.  I got the new phone which was around $800 (which will be paid off with a trading in and some billing adjustments).  Suffice it to say I got the new phone, but now they have changed the charging system to use the newer USB “C”.  Great, but they didn’t give you a charging block with the $800 phone. No, you have to go spent another $15 and buy it as a one off.  I can live without it, but it just galls me that Apple feels like they need to shave $15 off, of the phone.  I would have gladly paid $815. Apple just wants another $15 from me.

Later in the same day, I got an email from SHRM. I recently re-certified with a professional certification from them.  I was late in renewing, so I got to pay $150 instead of the regular $100 fee. I was late because I was thinking going into retirement, I would no longer need the certification, but since I have moved into the consulting space, I decided it was probably a good thing to do. That all went well until I got an email from SHRM yesterday congratulating me on my re-certification.  Then they went on to say that if I would like to have a certificate to celebrate this auspicious occasion I could do so by sending them another $25.  I remember hearing former SHRM CEO Hank Jackson tell a group of volunteer State Directors the SHRM Certification WAS NOT money grab and SHRM had no intention of using this as profit center. Well apparently, Johnny Taylor, current SHRM CEO has a different opinion, and they now need $25 more to do what they used to do for free.  Mr. Taylor I would have paid $175 if that really is what you need. I don’t think you do though.  Just like Apple it seems like SHRM is just grabbing some extra cash here.

It seems like corporate leaders are hell bent on squeezing revenue out of everything. This scenario reminds me of going to a golf outing, with the purpose to raise money for something or someone.  Many time I have shown to help/participate and happily pay $150 for a round of golf that cost $40. After your arrival, upon check-in then you are given the upsell for mulligans-$10 each, or 50/50 tickets - $10 each or a $10 chance on hitting a hole in won and winning a car.  If you have ever attended one of these, you know what I am talking about.  To me it sounds like they needed about $200 per person for the outing.   How about this, charge $200 for the event, stop nickel and diming the people who support you the most.

I have had enough of this. I am going to do like someone suggested on LinkedIn scratch out the dates on the old certificate and hand write them in.  I will buy the damn charging block and pay the $15.

You're Gay You're Evil

  I live in an area that is a little less than cosmopolitan.    Don’t mistake this, I like where I live, but trends that hit the coast in a ...