Thursday, January 20, 2022

Can't We Agree?


We are a year past the last presidential election. When that took place in 2020, I think most of us thought that the Covid-19 thing would be behind us by now.   Since election day we have had the January 6th incident in Washington.  There have been other noteworthy events since the election but in my opinion those three events, the election, Covid-19 and January 6th in Washington D.C. are the biggest things that this nation has had to navigate in the last year.

I don’t have the exact numbers (percentages) but suffice it to say, there are nearly half of the folks who think that Trump won the election, many of them also think that Covid-19 is a fallacy and that the events in Washington were justified and/or well intentioned. The other half thinks Biden won, Covid-19 is a problem and the events in DC were treasonous. 

These two groups come to work everyday now and work with one and other and the employers are forced to deal with this matter (unless of course they quit -which seems to be in vouge these days). The diversity of opinions will undoubtedly come into the everyday workplace.  Then how will anyone come to resolution, on matters of what was once fact?  This encompasses both business and government.

Most of you have heard the story of implementation of 5G cellular service and the airline industry. The cellular communication companies want to turn on the new 5G service. The airlines content that it may or will affect airline/passenger safety.   The gist of it is the two signals are operating at a frequency where they may bump into one and other.  I don’t know much about radio transmission, frequencies, altimeters or cellular signal transmission, so my take will be simple.  There is a chance that some airplanes could knock out some cell phone calls, and then there is the chance that some phone calls could cause altimeters to provide errant readings to pilots on the plane’s elevation.

If I look at this discussion I am going to come down on the side of the airline pilots.  They could be wrong.  Can we all agree that we want to error on the side of caution? NO!

Given the environment that we are living in today, this matter is emblematic of where we are as a society.

Have you had this matter going on in your workplace? One side proposes a solution to resolve a matter and the other side exclaims you are all idiots and you don’t understand the matter and we will never agree to doing what you want to do. This is our new decorum.  I don’t like where this is headed.

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