Friday, January 21, 2022

That Friday Feeling

 I have retired from full-time employment. I am still doing a lot, but I am starting to notice some things I miss about work.  I have been at home doing some work (between cold weather and covid19 there are not of compelling reasons to leave my home office) so it's not like I spend all day at the coffee shop or bowling alley.

Today I got text messages from my former co-workers, which gave me pause to think about where they are at, physically, their location. This would be the building that I used to work in.  They still do work there.

When we (the collective we) are at work there is the big anticipation of the weekend, the weekend preview – that’s what Friday at work is. In retrospect, it seemed kind of like getting ready to take a trip. It is the anticipation, the excitement, it's that stoked feeling you get for doing things you really like. All day long co-workers are communicating things like, what are you doing this week, hey this weekend we’re going to St. Louis or the ever popular I’m going fishing.

Then the same thing goes on when you talk a vendor or service provider that you talk with routinely. Hey what’s up this weekend – doing anything big this weekend?

The more I think about the Friday thing it make me sad.  It's that same feeling of returning home form a long-anticipated trip or  momentous event.  It's over I won't get that anymore - or wait, maybe everyday is Friday now?

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